Finally, new version is out! Now compatible with Joomla! 3.1 features HTML5 & CSS3. Thanx to all your suggestions, there are couple of new functions added:

- backend interface facelift

- dynamic buttons: twitter follow, tweet button, linked in, pinterest, facebook

- SSL support

- custom icon padding

- alt tag on custom icon

- W3C - HTML5 - validated


All dynamic icons feature similar options: count bubble, size, position.


These sets of options are presented in 3.0 version:

Basic Options - icons and layout settings

Dynamic Icons - options for customizing each interactive buttons

Custom Icons - set you're own icons to suite your theme or add less known networks

Advanced Options - standard Joomla advanced options


Download Nice Social Bookmarks 3.0


Nice Social Bookmark for Joomla! 1.5 is no longer supported and it is omitted from receiving new features from this update, /* 2.5 version will get updated in couple of days.*/

Nice Social Bookmark version 2.5 has just been updated, it features same options as 3.0 version, download it here


Please report bugs trough contact form here until I set up some other means of communication, thx