nsb logo Today I'm presenting you with a new features added in Nice Social Bookmark module. It's fastest growing Pinterest. New features include brand new icons for your Pinterest profile, now you can share your Pinterest account directly from your blog/webpage. Second feature is "Pinn it" button for Pinterest it works similar like google + or facebook like. It has a counter witch shows number of pins and can be positioned above or on the right side of the button.

Lots of you has requested youtube icon, this service has no API for sharing, if you need to link to your youtube channel you can do it by using custom icons, you can find couple of them inside module folder:


(youtbe_iph_48.png) (youtbe_iph_32.png) (youtbe_iph_24.png) (youtube_gls_64.png) (youtube_gls_48.png) (youtube_gls_32.png) (youtube_gls_24.png) - filenames for other sizes and styles

This is joomla 1.5 installation you can check joomla 2.5 module here