Tiger Salamander

The whole idea about Salamander Studios has started when I've decided to publicize one of the modules I've made for my personal needs and make it free.

I have bought the domain and made a simple website to present and offer the module to the Joomla! community. I was working nicely and people inquiries have pushed me to add new options and improve the old ones. As the module grew in popularity so more and more mail started to arrive. After some time I couldn't keep up corresponding with the inquiries. I've decided to make Pro version of the module.

Salamander Studios are here to provide you with best and easiest way for you to manage your Joomla! site.

This site is built for demonstration and testing purposes and to provide you a way to download my project files.

Trough the years I've taken much free stuff from the community, learned much along the way, this is my way of giving something back.

My goal is to make user friendly, hustle free extensions

I hope this list will grow bigger soon