Salamander Studios Joomla Guide

There is nothing worse than a bad start. Being a novice user my self one I remember how overwhelming bunch of information can be. This article is intended for Joomla! beginners to head them off on the right path.

Here is collection of extension I have either worked with for years or have been using them recently and have proven them self worthy as a must have extensions.
Running a site without this extensions will make your job a lot harder and having this installed will provide your site with correct setup in the long run.

OSMap - Sitemap

Simple and easy sitemaps for your google search console integration  - install, generate sitemap links, paste to google, done!

SEOFLI - SEO Friendly Links and Images

This extension will make short work of your image and link alt tags, make sure you're naming them images descriptivly:

Google Structured Data Markup

Another automation script if you're not into deep coding use this for best results, it takes lot of time to properly learn

ByeBye Generator

You don't want "generator" meta tag on your pages, use this plugin to remove it

404 log

Name speaks for itself, it will log what queries are producing error pages, use it with built in Joomla redirect component

Reset Hits

after you're done testing your development site an are ready to publish use this to reset article hits for a clean statistics further on

Phoca Open Graph

this plugin will help you with setting proper open graph meta tags for best social sharing experience

Automatic Intro Image

this sweet little plugin will make your life easier by automatically generating thumbnail from Full image and putting its link to Intro image of the article



couple of things you will need to set up manually:

- Enable Captcha plugin - built in Joomla, you will need api key from google in order for this to work

- set your global configuration to compress the output, enable cache, rename .htaccess