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New Versions 3.6 Released!

As a part of new system redesign, I've developed a script that will enable automatic updates of the module trough Joomla Update System. You will need to enter your Transaction ID (find it in an email that confirms your purchase) in the field located at the top of module settings.

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New Versions Released!

Nice Social Bookmark FREE & Nice Social Bookmark PRO both received end of the year updates download them here. Pro version received Instagram Icon and code upgrades, free version had twitter bug fixed and Technorati icon removed.

Next version should include couple of new networks and possible new Like and Share buttons. I've redesigned the whole site including payment and subscription system which I hope you will find to your liking.

No longer do you need to register for a free download as it was imposed by the previous subscription system.

Salamander Studios Joomla Guide

There is nothing worse than a bad start. Being a novice user my self one I remember how overwhelming bunch of information can be. This article is intended for Joomla! beginners to head them off on the right path.

Signal Black Silver FannedIn this article I will provide my most used tools for managing and speeding up coding / development process. It is a set of tools used over period of years which have proven reliable and easy to use.

All tools presented here are FREE to use.


New version is ready! This one has been waiting for a long time.
This version brings you error fixes and code update.
Technorati icon is removed. Twitter code updated with new features in pro version.
Download new version here.

Nicesocialbookmark3logo Finally, new version is out! Now compatible with Joomla! 3 features HTML5 & CSS3. Thanx to all your suggestions, there are couple of new functions added:

- drag & drop ordering (Icons)
- backend interface face-lift
- dynamic buttons: twitter follow, tweet button, linked in, pinterest, facebook
- SSL support
- custom icon padding
- alt tag on custom icon
- W3C - HTML5 - validated

For best sharing results I recommend this plugin (easy-open-graph) which will add correct meta tags to your HTML document as required by popular social networks.

download icon hugeThis here is a list of FREE applications available for download, all applications here are frequently updated so there is no point using old versions for installs.

List is intended to populate fresh installed system and as a starting point to minimize search time of individual application. All applications here are tested for extensive period of time and have proven to be stable and usable

New and improved version is here. This time big news in the backend: drag and drop ordering of icons! Simply hover over desired icon settings and drag it up or down to change order. Few minor issues also fixed (pinterest bug override). Subscribe to a free plan on the link above. PRO version will have sorting for all social icons update in short time.

In other news, twitter has decided to ditch count bubble in November 2015, as the result it has disappeared from all existing buttons.

Home of Nice Social Bookmark
Popular Joomla! social sharing module!

Features css based animations, dynamic icons, custom integration options, custom icons. All you need to get your voice over to social networks.

NEW in Pro version:

- Drag & Drop Ordering of icons in backend
- new responsive icons +9
- tumblr follow and post buttons added
- OK.ru Share button added
- NK Sharing buttons
- Tuenti Share button added
- VK Share button added
- diaspora* button added
- Viadeo buttons added


- Animation options - configure graphic icons animation effects
- Icons (graphic icons) size, style, animation, speed
- Dynamic Icons - aka like & share buttons, each button has its own unique settings for you to customize
- Responsive Icons - icons that respond to browser size change, altering their appearance to best suit given size
- Custom Icons - set your own nonstandard icons and links

Logo   PRO New version features completely rewritten animations, now done in CSS3 with no JavaScript. I've refurbished old icons and added custom Google+ Share icons to all icon sets. Code is purified and minimized.

- Google+ icon
- custom link for Google+ icon
- CSS3 animations
- no JavaScript
- updated icons

Logo   PRONice Social Bookmark Professional 3.5 version is here, with new sets of icons, more dynamic icons and animation options.
Read full article to see new icon sets and options added. Pro version includes CSS3 powered animations, with options for setting various animation details.

Buy now only $4

nsb logo Today I'm presenting you with a new features added in Nice Social Bookmark module. It's fastest growing Pinterest. New features include brand new icons for your Pinterest profile, now you can share your Pinterest account directly from your blog/webpage. Second feature is "Pinn it" button for Pinterest it works similar like google + or facebook like. It has a counter witch shows number of pins and can be positioned above or on the right side of the button.

Lots of you has requested youtube icon, this service has no API for sharing, if you need to link to your youtube channel you can do it by using custom icons, you can find couple of them inside module folder:

In this section I will post some things I did for fun and for somebody to find useful


new updateNice Social Bookmark has received yet another update, now it features long waited Google +1 icon, Joomla 1.7 installation and ability to insert custom icons and links. For now there are just 4 custom icons if you need more let me know and I'll add them in next update.

In download section you will find that 1.6 version has been removed, this new version supports both Joomla 1.6 and 1.7.

It also supports Joomla 2.5.

new iconsA two new sets are now available for all you good people (bad people are forbidden to use this module). I've added Glass and IPhone styled icons. I am considering adding a you tube icon. Much space is needed to be filled for this article and I'm doing a fine job writing about nothing. Sorry about that. As I've said before a new set of icons will be available in the near future as well as some new services. Subscribe to a newsletter to receive information about new versions.

1.6 versionNew version of Nice Social Bookmark was released yesterday. It is basically the same extension but now it is compatible with latest version of Joomla! 1.6. You can download the new module in download section.
This new and updated version contains additional icons for these sites: Reddit, Newsvine, Technorati, LinkedIn, Mixx
I wanted to add a LastFM but it has no API for this sort of thing.
I want to have even number of icons so if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line.

jebena slikaA new version of Nice Social Bookmark is out!
It has some nice improvements and some bugs fixed. I've decided to write a newsletter in the future to notify all of you interested in this module about new versions. You can subscribe in the box lower left.

Module itself now has a brand new feature: mouse over effect, it is done with simple css and it is cross-browser compatible.
A bug regarding RSS link is solved and it is added additional field that enables you to enter your custom rss feed link (if you are using other component to display your content)

Javno - Joomla! moduleA brand new Javno news module with a lot of new features and native Joomla 1.5 functionality. This module shows news from web portal javno.com, in 2.0 version there is no need for manual editing.
Following options are available for customization: vertical/horizontal orientation, height, width, English or Croatian language, code page, category, optional header and border color.
It is possible that module doesn't load, this is due to timeout while trying to connect to javno.com. Check if page javno.com is available if so module should be visible.