Nicesocialbookmark3logo Finally, new version is out! Now compatible with Joomla! 3 features HTML5 & CSS3. Thanx to all your suggestions, there are couple of new functions added:

- drag & drop ordering (Icons)
- backend interface face-lift
- dynamic buttons: twitter follow, tweet button, linked in, pinterest, facebook
- SSL support
- custom icon padding
- alt tag on custom icon
- W3C - HTML5 - validated

For best sharing results I recommend this plugin (easy-open-graph) which will add correct meta tags to your HTML document as required by popular social networks.

If you're having trouble with your facebook images use this tool to check for errors.

These sets of options are presented in 3.0 version:
All dynamic icons feature similar options: count bubble, size, position.

Options Sets

Basic Options - icons layout settings

Icons - icons settings - drag $ drop to change order

Dynamic Icons - options for customizing each interactive buttons

Custom Icons - set you're own icons to suite your theme or add less known networks

Advanced Options - standard Joomla advanced options

Module Free 1 Settings
Module Free 2 Icons

Module Free 3 Dynamic Icons

Options Custom Icons


Download Nice Social Bookmarks 3.4.1

Nice Social Bookmark for Joomla! 1.5 is still available for download but longer supported and it is omitted from receiving new features.


Please report bugs trough contact form here or login and post a thread on the forum, thx