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Popular Joomla! social sharing module!

Features css based animations, dynamic icons, custom integration options, custom icons. All you need to get your voice over to social networks.

NEW in Pro version:

- Drag & Drop Ordering of icons in backend
- new responsive icons +9
- tumblr follow and post buttons added
- OK.ru Share button added
- NK Sharing buttons
- Tuenti Share button added
- VK Share button added
- diaspora* button added
- Viadeo buttons added


- Animation options - configure graphic icons animation effects
- Icons (graphic icons) size, style, animation, speed
- Dynamic Icons - aka like & share buttons, each button has its own unique settings for you to customize
- Responsive Icons - icons that respond to browser size change, altering their appearance to best suit given size
- Custom Icons - set your own nonstandard icons and links